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Dragon Diaries: The Continuing Saga of the Dragon Keepers is a science fiction/fantasy novel series by author Kaekilia LeoLynn. Set in the fictional world of Ithnez, the novels focus on a few seperate women, who all inherit the ability to summon the twelve Dragons of Light (the exception being the final book in the series, Calamity, which has no Dragon Keeper involved). The first book in the series, Ascension, was self-published by LeoLynn in late 2010 and its sequel, Culmination,was released in early 2012. The series was originally intended to be a trillogy, but this changed when LeoLynn decided the story was too long and complex to conclude in just three books.

In late 2011, LeoLynn signed a book contract with Tate Publishing for Dragon Diaires: Ascension. A re-release date has yet to be announced.

Story Arcs

The series consists of four major arcs, each divided into seperate books:

Arc 1 - The Rising consists of Volumes 1 and 2, Ascension and Culmination
Arc 2 - Memories consists of Volumes 3 and 4, Memorandum and Reminiscence
Arc 3 - Legacy consists of Volumes 5, 6, and 7, Damnation, Salvation, and Fruition
Arc 4 - Final Days consists of Volume 8, Calamity and the bonus volume, Epitome

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